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Making ‘Me’ time

Making ‘Me’ time

Employee, cook, negotiator, teacher, cleaner, laundry technician, entertainer, socialite. Being a
parent is one of the most rewarding things in life, but let’s face it, it’s exhausting. From forging
friendships and organising play dates, down to making sure everyone has clean pants for the
morning, it’s full on….all the time. With work thrown into the mix too, it’s not uncommon to feel like
a hamster in a wheel with no end-point in sight…. So, we’re urging you, before you feel like you’re about to combust, to take a step back and plan in
some ‘me’ time. “I haven’t got time” we hear you say. You need to make time. Us humans are
fragile individuals that need looking after. So, make a commitment to yourself to give yourself some
TLC; you need to for your own health and well-being.
Make it part of your routine – something that you plan into your schedule, the same way you do
with everything else.

Here’s a few ideas to set you on track.

Team sports –

You may not have played hockey, netball or football since you left school but team
sports are great way to unwind and meet new people outside of your daily work/home routine.
Chances are you’ll play the same day and time every week, which means you can plan it in as part of
your schedule.

Get a hobby –

A hobby can give you a creative outlet, something to look forward to and something
to be passionate about. Art, collecting, crafting, photography, fishing, hiking, gardening, running –
re-ignite an old passion or start something new – it’s something just for you. You can join a class or
work on your own to give you more flexibility.

Read a book –

it’s pure escapism, that’s scientifically proven to reduce stress. It also helps memory
and concentration – unlike blogs or articles, a good book really draws you in. Our advice is not to
read books that you think you should read – not many of us could face War and Peace after an
exhausting day – pick books that are easy-going or that really interest you. Whether it’s a trashy
novel or biography of someone you admire, it will give you something to look forward to.

Take a bath –

15 minutes of pure relaxation can make all the difference. Shut the door, listen to your
favourite playlist and relax…. your very own private spa… Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it’s something that you really enjoy – that way you can
be sure it’s something you’ll find the time to do. And, once you’ve built it into your routine, you’ll
wonder why on earth you didn’t do it before

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