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If your recruitment needs switch off and on, you need to Find Your Flex. If you are future focused and are happy to talk to your applicants about how a job can be done flexibly, then you need Find Your Flex. If you think that your business is going to struggle to attract, retain and design flexible roles for the UK’s talent, you need FindYourFlex.

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Our Price Packages


FindYourFlex, Mummyjobs & Daddyjobs

Total Job Network Access

£3,000per annum
Includes unlimited job posts & employer profile page!
Programmatic Advertising
Pushed across Social Media channels
1.3M reach

Candidate Search

Access Our Team Of Inhouse Recruiters

£500per role/location
Pipeline Creation
Exposure across: LinkedIn, Socials & Find Your Flex Network
Unique Audience, Pre-vetted Candidates
Longlist of candidates, managed through our MyTalentPlatform

Job Posts & 360 Recruiters

Talent Network Access

£2,750per month
On-demand Recruitment
Unlimited Vacancies + Direct Sourcing for 5 Roles
Employer Profile Page: Client EVP + All live vacancies showcased
5M+ reach
Targeted Sourcing from our registered and networked candidates with 'longlist' provided

This is the maximum number of hours you and your people have to earn in a lifetime. We are moving towards a time when the working public will do the same ‘job’ for multiple companies, simultaneously. As it will be the only true way for people to get:

A) Flexibility and B) Wealth.

Our employers (who will be one of many ‘side hustles’ in the Future of Work) should be delighted with that…


Because employing people who work multi-portfolio, will mean you only pay for what you need… it’s going to dramatically increase every businesses profitability – no more fixed costs!

Wecome to a working world, designed to your businesses outcome & output requirements.

Business Consulting for future facing employers


Achieving flexible working in a post-pandemic world requires more than a mere snap of the fingers. Many employers, grappling with this challenge, have experimented with models such as Hybrid and 4-Day Weeks to infuse flexibility into their work structures. Unfortunately, these models often fall short of providing universal flexibility, proving less productive and more costly for businesses.

This is precisely where our expertise comes into play. In our commitment to the future of work, we understand that for flexible working to be viable, it must enhance productivity, not hinder it. Our research, positioned at the forefront of the industry, underscores that in an era dominated by automation, the assessment of work and value should be based on outcomes, not the number of hours worked in a day. To truly embody flexibility without compromising productivity, businesses need a flexible resource architecture in place.

Through targeted consultancy, we offer the means to implement policies and structures that empower businesses to fully embrace Outcome-Based working. This approach stands as the optimal way of working, benefiting both employers and employees alike.


Talent ACQUISITION, Sourcing and rpo services

Break your Recruitment chains!

Hosting your vacancies is one thing. But we hold the cost-neutral key to accessing premium Talent while ensuring your business growth!

The Find Your Flex Group has gone against the grain and thrown the archaic recruitment book out the window, to help employer reap the rewards of evolved recruitment practices. 

We put employers first.

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