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Who Are the national nuclear laboratory?

National Nuclear Laboratory where you can do something amazing

This is where extraordinary people do extraordinary work. And you could be one of them. Discover what NNL has to offer and see what you could achieve as part of our team.

Here are six reasons to come and achieve great things with us.

Become a force for good

This is more than a job. It’s your opportunity to change society and the world for the better. Whether you’re working in a lab, an office or from home, you’ll play your part in projects that will affect the lives of millions for generations to come. We’re helping to address climate change. We’re restoring the environment. We’re keeping complex materials out of harm’s way. And we’re developing cutting-edge medical treatments. If you want to use your skills to help people and the planet, this is where you belong.

Do incredible science

We do things that others can only imagine. While academics run simulations and industry experts run plants, we’re running live experiments with radioactive materials to uncover data that’s often never been seen before. This means that you can get up close and personal with a huge variety of amazing projects ranging from space exploration and reactor technology to robotics and submarine propulsion. Whatever your speciality, you’ll face new challenges every day working at the forefront of your field.

Do work with real-world impact

We’ll give you the chance to see more projects through to completion. This means that you get to take ownership of your work, see your ideas come to life and take pride in the positive results of your hard work. As our business bridges the gap between industry and academia, we’re able to find answers and solve problems faster than our larger industry counterparts. This gives us the agility to develop solutions the world needs right now – which means your advice, experience and expertise is often put straight into practice in real life situations.

We care about our people

We’ve got all kinds of people doing all kinds of roles. This allows a level of flexibility around when, where and how you work that might surprise you. We genuinely recognise the importance of your well-being. We take people welfare and safety very seriously because we need you to be at your best when you’re working on important, safety critical and highly specialised projects. As part of our team, you’ll have lots of people counting on you, so we promise that you can count on us too. This means that if you don’t need to be on site or in a lab, you can work wherever’s best for you. And if you do need to be here in person, we’ll do everything we can to make you feel safe, supported and inspired.

We believe in fairness and equality 

This is a place where everyone is valued, respected and welcomed. Our ongoing commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (ED&I) means we’re creating an inclusive workplace, built upon equal policies, procedures and transparency, where everyone’s free to be themselves and feel like they belong. From early careers to executive level, we look beyond barriers to find the people for the job. 

This is your moment

There may never have been a more exciting time to be part of the nuclear sector. The growing need for carbon-neutral energy is driving a shift away from traditional fuels like oil and gas and towards nuclear energy. This means new investment, new projects, new challenges, new opportunities and new demand for talented people like you. When you combine this with the long-term nature of nuclear energy, our relationship with the government and our exciting growth potential, you can really see why this is a great place to build a long, secure and successful career. We’ve got the time, the facilities and the drive to help you grow and be the best you can be.



At National Nuclear Laboratory, you are what makes them NNL unique. Whether you have climbed the ladder of the nuclear industry or arrived from another sector, everyone is equally responsible for the ongoing success of NNL. 



Being part of a company that is always striving to create a better future, means that every step forward comes from innovative and creative ideas. NNL coins these “Lightbulb Moments” as the key to their ongoing achievements. Your Lightbulb Moment could be the next step in creating a better future.

what about diversity, inclusion and positive work cultures?

NNL are committed to attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent

To ensure fair access to the workplace providing a culture where everyone can thrive and feel they belong.

Mission Statement

At NNL we are working to ensure we have an inclusive workplace that attracts, retains, and develops diverse talent. Although it is difficult to unpick the structural inequalities still prevalent in our society, we know that as a purpose-led organisation, we are part of the society that we serve and therefore we must be part of the solution.

The scientific sector has a wealth of bright talent at all career stages which we want to attract to help us to continually evolve, establishing NNL as a diverse workplace.

Equality & Diversity

In order to achieve our aspirations of equality and diversity, we are working to continuously improve our attraction, recruitment, and promotion processes. We are committed to ensuring these are transparent and fair; that the policies and procedures we operate to are people centric; and that our leaders are empowered to make the right calls in line with our employee-developed Values and Behaviours. As leading scientists, we look to our data for insight. We ask our workforce to share their ED&I data (in an anonymised form) and where we have sufficient information, we are looking to see how fair we really are. 


In order to achieve our aspiration of inclusivity, we believe that we must champion everyone regardless of their particular combination of the protected characteristics or their life circumstances. We know that the respect that underpins the principles of inclusion, such as encouraging a workplace that fosters allyship, challenges and reflects on prejudice are key. Treating people as individuals must be extended to everyone to ensure that we belong.

Our Journey 

Like most organisations, NNL needs to improve the diversity of its workforce, to deliver our strategic plan inclusively. Nonetheless, we feel confident that our business is on the right path. In recognition for the work we have undertaken to date and our continued progress and commitment to ED&I, we were awarded the National Equality Standard in 2021 and have also been nominated for numerous awards.

Our sector

We see the value and importance of working with the rest of our industry to support and drive improvement in ED&I. We are active members of the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group and other national bodies, to learn from other’s successes and share our own good practice to drive change.

Hear What it's like to work for national nuclear laboratory

Everyone in NNL is united behind a common goal — to use nuclear science to benefit society. This means that whoever you are, you can always count on NNL to make you feel welcome, supported and valued as part of their team. We have requested some first hand accounts from those who work within NNL, so keep your eye out, we will keep you updated!

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