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Isabel Chapman

Isabel has worked with young people and isolated communities for the last 10 years in various settings, including the Criminal Justice System, Peabody Housing Association, Tech, the Charity Sector and inner-city schools and estates. Isabel has extensive experience and specialises in reducing risks for young people, supporting young people into Education, Employment + Training, and reaching their individual goals. Isabel has successfully trained and supported people from wide-ranging backgrounds into careers across the luxury, finance, retail and recruitment sectors, amongst others. Isabel has expertise in managing multi-stakeholders campaigns and programmes across the private and public sectors, focusing on social change, inequality and youth violence. 

In 2013 Isabel managed and coordinated The Oii My Size Campaign, winning The Nominet Award for Making The Internet A Safer Place. In 2015 Isabel coordinated an Erasmus+ project supporting 250 young people, professionals and MPs to attend events focused on bridging the gap between young people and policymakers, with the final event focusing on Young People’s perspectives on social media, being hosted at the House of Commons. Whilst at Art Against Knives as their Violence Against Women + Girls Specialist Lead, a north London based charity, Isabel established their in-house female specific support service for victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse and established robust referral pathways with local authority organisations and the police. 

Isabel is considered an expert in the Gender Equality field and is a qualified Safe Lives Young Peoples Violence Advisor & an Independent Sexual Violence Adviser, specialising in Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault. Isabel is an established public speaker, regularly speaking at events, workshops and conferences; this includes chairing debates in parliament and speaking on the ‘Women in Tech’ panel at the Parliamentary Internet Conference. Isabel also gave a TEDxClapham talk on sexual assault in 2015. Isabel is a Freelance Specialist whose clients include Westminster and Kensington Councils, #techmums, SafeLives and a number of other organisations + startups.

"Following an 18 year corporate HR career, I made the decision last year to set up as a freelance HR Consultant. I work 5 days per week from home however I fit most of my work in and around school hours. Ultimately I made the decision to work in a freelance capacity as I always had a desire to build my own business but I also love the freedom and flexibility to be able to manage my own time, work from the comfort of my own home and also be more 'present' in the lives of my children. The flexibility I am able to build into my day or week to pick up the kids from school, walk the dog, visit my mum, grab a quick session at the gym would not be possible working a 9-5 in an office. My work gets done, I am more focused and productive, client deadlines are met, my general wellbeing has improved significantly, but these outputs are not measured or achieved based on a requirement to work rigid office hours. The outputs are achieved because I have the flexibility to work the hours I need to get good work done without compromising on the important things in life."

Rachel Browne - Practical People Solutions

" Flexible working has become a really important factor for me in terms of my work and who I work with and for. Much earlier in my career flexible or home working was pretty much unheard of and a long (and expensive) commute to an office to spend a further 8-9 hours a day at your desk was considered the only way to work.  When I left life as an employee to run my own business ten years ago, I was finally completely free to work flexibly in terms of location and my working patterns. But in recent years since then working again as an employee, I've been in a handful of companies who were completely resistant to any form of flexible working. Two of them were small businesses (who you might have hoped to be a little more agile) but the common theme throughout was the fact that the owners/MDs had zero trust in their employees.  Now I tend to think this culture of "inflexibility about flexibility" will make many people stop and think about how they feel about an organisation who operates like that and whether they truly want to work for them.  I passionately believe flexible working creates a happier, healthier, productive and more autonomous workforce. Such environments have certainly had a positive impact on me and on my colleagues. It’s time that many more companies evolved their traditional working patterns and working cultures to embrace this so that flexible working becomes the norm and not the exception."

Stephanie Richards - Phoenix Consulting

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