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Proving Flexibility Works

Cheney's three children

Cheney Hamilton

Managing Director

Cheney is our Managing Director. She began her career within the Local, Regional & National Press Industry, gaining unparalleled experience in the recruitment space.

Currently she spends her time campaigning for and promoting flexible working roles as the founder and managing director of The Find Your Flex Group. 

Cheney is widely known for her dedication to bringing flexible working opportunities to as many people as possible. Her speaking engagements have taken her around the UK and her efforts gained her the nomination of New Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 in the National Business Awards. Cheney is proud to call the North East her home.

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Helen Miller

Helen Miller

Head Of Marketing

Helen is our Head Of Marketing & Social Media. After having her second child, her eldest was due to start school. Finding ways of making her role as a midwife was proving impossible. With the need for a new challenge and flexible working, at the age of 36 a career change was needed. Transitioning from Midwife to Marketer is something she would describe as challenging and daunting but worth all the effort.

Now she is also on a mission to make flexible working as accessible to as many as possible, with the rest of The Find Your Flex team.

She is a mum to two with a supportive partner. Spreading our team across the UK, Helen’s home is in the beautiful county of Cheshire.

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Barbara Ford

Barbara Ford

media sales

Barbara is 64. She is part of our fabulous sales team. She has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She struggled to see how she could see more of them in a straight 9 to 5 role with no flexibility. She is a WASPI woman so has to work until she is 66. She is passionate about flexible working as she knows the benefits from working flexibly herself 20 years ago! 

When Barbara joined Find Your Flex she was so happy “they actually wanted an old Granny who could work from home”. She knows she still has a lot to give to the workplace. Flexible home working is perfect and she doesn’t feel isolated as there is always one of the team around. 

Barbara loves the fact she can now ‘take’ her dogs to work. She loves to call Kent her home.

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Diane Parry


credit control

Diane is our Credit Control Administrator at She has been working remotely in Dubai for for 2 years and has recently relocated to Manchester.  

Flexible working is extremely important to Diane as it allows her to enjoy the important things in life… spending time with her children and travelling.

Diane has had many incarnations in this lifetime, Nursing, Uni Student, District Nurse, Clinical Research Associate and Mum to 4 kids.

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Nadia Zachary

Nadia Zachary

media sales

Nadia spent 11 years building a career selling media advertising solutions.  She loved every minute of it.  After Nadia had her second child, she was itching to get back to work, but didn’t want to sacrifice special time with her children.  One day, they won’t want cuddles and kisses, and so these moments she considers extremely precious. 

Considering her options and desire to continue to use her skills to work AND spend time with her children…she knew flexibility at work was the answer.  She is now on a mission to change archaic mindsets within businesses and open their minds to the vast opportunities flexible working brings.  For both employers and employees.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and crazy dog Bobby.  She is also partial to a bit of Zumba fitness as well!

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Natalie Farran

Natalie Farran

media sales

Natalie is our Media Sales Account Manager, who lives on the sea front in lovely Lytham St Annes, with her Husband, Son and Mabel Dog! A very fortunate benefit of being an advocate for flexible working!  

Her career, spanning over 30 years, has been predominantly in Banking and Finance, with roles ranging from Bank Manager to National Sales Training Manager. She has also worked within the advertising industry managing a team of sales executives.   

Natalie discovered the joy and fulfilment of flexible working after the birth of her son in 2003, as she was unable to continue flexibly in the corporate world, at that time. Therefore, having to find her own Flex, she started a small business venture from home, which ultimately resulted in Natalie and her husband running a successful online retail business for 11 years. She sees the benefits of flexible working being underpinned by her values around family life, work ethic, trust, passion, productivity and being able to live her best life!

Now, at the young age of 53, Natalie is excited about promoting flexible working as part of The Find Your Flex Team!

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Our Fantastic Editorial Team

Susha Chandrasekhar

Susha Chandrasekhar


Susha is a strong supporter of better workplaces and lifestyles via flexible working and inclusion. She has written for magazines, Thrive Global and the specialist business press on these topics and has been quoted on flex and diversity in the media.

As a past Chair of the Association of Women Solicitors representing 70,000 women lawyers and as a trustee of national inclusion charities, she has engaged with matters relating to flexibility and has undertaken award-winning diversity initiatives.

Susha also has extensive experience in law, government and policy, and has advised on employment practices. Prior to this she worked at an international law firm, as a university lecturer and as a researcher. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Susha has been a flexible employee for many years and has mentored other flex workers. Her variable pattern has included full-time, part-time, compressed/staggered hours and from home, all of which have allowed her to undertake carer responsibilities and charity activities. Having taken parental leave and sabbaticals to live abroad, Susha is aware of the issues surrounding a return to work after a break. She is currently based in Helsinki.

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John Adams

John Adams

daddy jobs

Back in 2011, John Adams and his wife, Gill, took an unusual decision. Gill would work full-time and John would be the main carer to their two daughters, Helen and Izzy. John started blogging about his experiences at In so doing, he accidentally launched a career as a blogger and social media influencer!

Several years later and with both children now at school, John runs the blog as a business and fits it around his family commitments, producing content focused on fatherhood, family life, parenting and flexible working. has won numerous awards, most recently Best Dad Blog at the 2019 Online Influence Awards.

John, who has a background in journalism and public relations, is also well-known as a LinkedIn Changemaker, campaigning to make flexible working more widely available to mums, dads and carers.

In his spare time, John can often be found out in the countryside taking photographs. He is also very into keeping fit and, by his own admission, has a dreadful taste in music with a particular fondness of obscure, heavy rock.

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Rebecca Amin


Rebecca is a mum of two young boys, based in Epsom, Surrey.

Having returned to work after her second maternity leave, Rebecca found herself, unexpectedly, feeling unhappy and disengaged in her career.

Rebecca, the founder of Rebecca Amin Coaching, now works as an accredited Career Coach, her mission being to support as many mums as possible experiencing a similar situation. Helping those who feel stuck or unhappy in their careers, get the clarity they need to stop going round in circles. Put simply – so they can be the happy working parent they deserve to be.

Prior to becoming a Career Coach, Rebecca had an 18-year corporate career across Recruitment, HR and Project Management, working in London and Singapore. Rebecca also runs a Facebook Group Career Happy Mums sharing advice and tips on how to be career happy as well as serving as a supportive platform in all things relating to being a working mum.

Life is busy with a five and seven year old, but in her spare time Rebecca likes to keep fit(ish), travel (when possible) and of course kick back and socialise.

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Jenna Maxwell

Jenna Maxwell

Jobs.Find Your Flex

Jenna Maxwell is a freelance lifestyle journalist living in Edinburgh.

She has written for publications such as The Telegraph, Buzzfeed, Closer Magazine, The Sun, The Daily Record and Scotland Magazine.

As a mother to a small child, Jenna knows exactly what like-minded parents want to read when it comes to flexible working. 

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