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Cheney's three children

Cheney Hamilton

CEO & Founder

If someone was going to sum me up, I think they’d say that I’m a very busy Mum of 3, with ‘changing the world of work’ on her mind and in her actions!

I’m a member of the APPG focussed on the Future of Work, as well as a member of the 50:50 Parliamentary Group, all in the hopes of contributing our case studies and learnings into useful and meaningful legislation.

I am also a great believer in working to live rather than living to work and believe the flexibility at work needs to be a mix of Outcome and Time based contracts and not just one size fits all solutions.

What you enjoy about working at FYF?

The flexibility, the people and the culture of the place – plus its growing so I feel like there is a lot of opportunity to continue to develop my skills, especially now that we are also part of the Globalution Group.

How do you feel flexible work benefits you personally and what do you think needs to change in the world of work?

Without flexibility I would need to make a choice to either not work, or work full time and never see my kids. Neither option is acceptable to me, I want it all and shouldn’t have to compromise! I will fight to make sure no one else has to either.

How can we get in touch with you?

Date Joined : 15th May 2017

Helen Miller photo

Helen Miller

Director Of Marketing

Hey, I’m Helen and I’m the person leading Marketing for The Find Your Flex Group, along with our fabulous team. I think, I learn, I analyse and I do. Not always in that order but that is me. My family are central to everything I do and when work compliments my life outside work, I know I’m onto something good. I love holidays (who doesn’t) and escaping to the wild whenever I can.

What can I do? Aid organisations to learn how they can create better business models when they focus on the people. Building better futures for people and business, happens when organisations place social great and Mutable at the core of their business models. This is what makes me tick.

Why? Because working flexibly means I have found my flex and my freedom. Surely everyone deserves to have this opportunity. That’s my role in The Find Your Flex Group and it’s partner organisation, The Globalution Group – To help people and organisations find their flex.

How can we get in touch with you?

Date Joined: 15th April 2018

Barbara Ford photo

Barbara Ford

Partnerships manager

Mother of 3 adult children plus a few more I collected on the way !! plus a Granny to 2 fabulous grandchildren. I have led an amazing life with some ups and downs, I have also had some outstanding experiences so all in all I have been so lucky. I am now getting on and am registered disabled though you cannot let it define you as much as some days I feel about 90 !!!

I am somewhat biased about working for Find Your Flex it is possibly the most inclusive company I have worked for. Whilst we all work remotely, we ALWAYS check on each other and support each other both in personal and work life. Team meetings are great, I love the energy we all have, and how hard we all work though still giving us time for our own lives.

As seasoned HR Professional & Recruiter I would have loved to have had the ability to work flexibly when my family were small. Now I can it gives me the option of when and where I work hitting targets necessary for my role combined with giving me time to see my family, friends and not pay extortionate doggy day care!! My work life balance nowadays is as it should be rather than “ALL WORK AND NO PLAY”!!

How can we get in touch with you?

Date Joined: September

Fiona Grant

Employer Partnerships

I used to work in sales for the finance industry. When I had my son I decided to change my career. I have a passion to work with people and decided to pursue a career in Counselling. I have completed my level 2 and 3 in Counselling skills and currently studying towards my Counselling degree at Teesside University.

I wanted to promote a good mental health environment in the workplace. I became aware of Find your flex through one of their many social media platforms. I found the company believes in the same ethics and values as I do as a trainee counsellor.

I love the flexibility of working from where I want, wether that is the office, home or the garden on a nice day. As long as the work gets done that is the main priority. The team are very supportive and I am excited to promote flexible working as I feel this would improve the mental health of a lot of employees.

How do you feel flexible work benefits you personally and what do you think needs to change in the world of work?

Flexible working can be interpreted in many ways, I believe that businesses should not implement a one size fits all and expand on the options available.

How can we get in touch with you?

Date Joined: January 2021

Jess Wicks (Ross)

Jess Wicks (Ross)


Jess is a freelance marketer and copywriter with 10 years of experience specialising in Digital Marketing, Branding, PR and Recruitment. She previously worked with brands such as Lush Cosmetics, Hotel Chocolat and Thomas Cook.

Not content with bingeing on Netflix for 3 months, she took the plunge as self-employed in May 2020 after being furloughed during the Covid-19 pandemic. She launched her business, Jessica Ross, using her soon-to-be-married surname, ensuring her fiance has nowhere to run!

Jess is passionate about remote and flexible working and champions all businesses that offer this to their employees as standard. With a background in recruitment, she understands the importance of companies offering this as part of their business culture and not just as an added perk alongside “free parking”.

Jess supports our marketing team with content management and social media to help promote the Find Your Flex message far and wide!

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Matthew Toale photo

Matthew Toale

marketing APPRENTICE

After trying to break into marketing for years after graduating, I realised with help, that I needed to be more proactive. Clearly my degree alone was not going to get me into my dream job so I applied for an apprenticeship with Find Your Flex.

I love to write creatively and my dream was to enter a role that allowed me to utilize that passion on a daily basis. I love working for Find Your Flex as it is here that I finally get to put my talents and passion to use and can flourish professionally. FYF has a mission I fully identify with, which makes my work all the more meaningful.

Businesses who don’t have flexible working are wasting a great motivational tool. I work much harder knowing that I have the ability to choose my own working hours and my employer fully trusts me to use that time productively. How could anyone not work hard for an employer that enables you to achieve true life-work balance? I know that it motivates me to work harder than ever, which is why I want to do my part to make this a reality for every employee of any company

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Fiona Ratic photo

Fiona Ratic

head of pr

Why did you want a job with #flexappeal?

I wanted a job with a moral compass, you know the one that lives by it’s ethos, so many say they do yet don’t actually deliver. I’ve been following #flexappeal via MummyJobs since inception and thought what a great way of working.

What type of flex works best for you?

I like being able to do the work when I can, so fitting around school pick-up/drop-off and occasionally when I’m awake early to start early and get stuck in, often before my small people wake up! I can get a lot done 😃

What do you love most about flexible working? 

I love that life works alongside my work.  That it isn’t dictated to have to put my children in pre and post childcare in order to bring in an income (and therefore ultimately spend a lot of it on childcare).

What do you hate most about flexible working?

Hate? That’s not even in my vocabulary…what I dislike is that businesses assume what flexible Working means that it’s “hybrid working” or put everyone on 4 day working weeks or, expecting you to work less and give the same output you did doing 38hrs, for example. So they term flexible with a mod that is actual rigid and applied to all.

What 3 words sum up Find Your Flex to you?

Friendly Yet Focussed 😉👌🏼 Focussed Yet Fearless, future-facing, team-orientated.  Do I have to only pick 3?!! 

What in the working world would you consign to room 101?
That flexible Working is only for parents! It should be for all; so long as the work is being done and to the standard required why not have an IT person remotely working? I came across an ethical hacker who would work early hours and produce his best work whilst we were all sleeping, if the job can be done flexibly, why wouldn’t you suit the employee so that the output is focussed upon? Not some archaic assumption that all work needs to be 9-5?

What is a little known fact about you?
I am a submariner; we dived down to the bottom of the sea in a submarine in Barbados and saw turtles swimming by, that were really inquisitive.  Although, I much preferred swimming with them at the local beach to our hotel – amazing experience!

How can we get in touch with you?

Date Joined: May 2021

Kristina Mich photo

Kristina Mich

Team Administrator

Ever since I had my son I started to look at the world through a new lens and realised all of my priorities had shifted.

My family had become my first priority.

I really wanted to find a career that allowed me to be the mother I wanted to be AND work for an ethical company that understood and cherished the work life balance notion.

When I came across Find Your Flex, I just knew I needed to be one of the building blocks and be a part of the fibre that unites a flexible and gracious work life balance and promotes diversity and equality.

Working for a company with similar values, doesn’t feel like work, it feels like evolving, growing, learning and elevating.

I enjoy having the OPTION to work from home because I get to sip on my coffee and comfortably get through my workflow without constant interruptions and the reassuring fact that I can pick up my son on time from school.

I love flexible working because it means I can still prove my work ethic through the results I provide for Find Your Flex, at my own pace,

I feel truly valued by my boss and by my work colleagues.

How can we get in touch with you?

Date Joined: June 2021

Our Fantastic Editorial Team

Rebecca Amin

Rebecca Amin


Rebecca is a mum of two young boys, based in Epsom, Surrey.

Having returned to work after her second maternity leave, Rebecca found herself, unexpectedly, feeling unhappy and disengaged in her career.

Rebecca, the founder of Rebecca Amin Coaching, now works as an accredited Career Coach, her mission being to support as many mums as possible experiencing a similar situation. Helping those who feel stuck or unhappy in their careers, get the clarity they need to stop going round in circles. Put simply – so they can be the happy working parent they deserve to be.

Prior to becoming a Career Coach, Rebecca had an 18-year corporate career across Recruitment, HR and Project Management, working in London and Singapore. Rebecca also runs a Facebook Group Career Happy Mums sharing advice and tips on how to be career happy as well as serving as a supportive platform in all things relating to being a working mum.

Life is busy with a five and seven year old, but in her spare time Rebecca likes to keep fit(ish), travel (when possible) and of course kick back and socialise.

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John Adams

John Adams

daddy jobs

Back in 2011, John Adams and his wife, Gill, took an unusual decision. Gill would work full-time and John would be the main carer to their two daughters, Helen and Izzy. John started blogging about his experiences at In so doing, he accidentally launched a career as a blogger and social media influencer!

Several years later and with both children now at school, John runs the blog as a business and fits it around his family commitments, producing content focused on fatherhood, family life, parenting and flexible working. has won numerous awards, most recently Best Dad Blog at the 2019 Online Influence Awards.

John, who has a background in journalism and public relations, is also well-known as a LinkedIn Changemaker, campaigning to make flexible working more widely available to mums, dads and carers.

In his spare time, John can often be found out in the countryside taking photographs. He is also very into keeping fit and, by his own admission, has a dreadful taste in music with a particular fondness of obscure, heavy rock.

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Jenna Maxwell

Jenna Maxwell

Jobs.Find Your Flex

Jenna Maxwell is a freelance lifestyle journalist living in Edinburgh.

She has written for publications such as The Telegraph, Buzzfeed, Closer Magazine, The Sun, The Daily Record and Scotland Magazine.

As a mother to a small child, Jenna knows exactly what like-minded parents want to read when it comes to flexible working. 

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