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Mentor Mums: Enabling Mums to Confidently Return to Work

By Laura Spyrou

Mentor Mums is an organisation which matches mums returning to work with mums who have done it all before in a mentoring relationship.

As a working mum of two I had experienced how difficult it was to return to work. Whether it was negotiating with my employer about the days and hours I worked, feeling guilty for using childcare provision or struggling to juggle everything. It was tough and something I had not fully considered before having my children. Somehow (and looking back I can’t always remember how), but I made it work although I still have days (sometimes weeks and months) where I feel like I am failing at everything!

The Widespread Issue

And I came to realise I am not alone!

Many mums return to work feeling the same and this is where the amazing peer to peer support comes in with Mentor Mums!

Two years ago I became a mentor with Mentor Mums. To use my experience and the strategies and knowledge I had built up over time to provide support to another mum returning to work. Mentor Mums provided loads of guidance and support for how we could structure our conversations and ensure we kept on track with addressing the challenges and issues at hand.

We met regularly over MS Teams to talk about how things had been going. And reflect on whether any of the plans of action we had discussed had been helpful. I found this incredibly rewarding knowing I could share some of my experience to support someone else going through such a big life transition. 

Mentor Mums: Supporting Mums through Shared Experiences

I am really passionate about ensuring women can return to work, in a way that works for them, with the support they need. So I am now a volunteer with Mentor Mums matching mentees and mentors so they can start their mentoring journey. 

There are a lot of mums reaching out for our support so we are keen to hear from you if you feel you could be a mentor to a mum returning to work. Our mentors and mentees meet regularly over a 6 month period and there are opportunities to meet as a mentor group too. To share your mentoring experience and seek support from other mentors.

For more information visit our website where you can register your interest in being a Mentor:

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