Choosing a career path can feel pretty daunting whatever you age and background. Quite often we find ourselves on an endless search for the path we think is destined to be ours. In reality, most of us will navigate through different industries and roles over the course of our careers.

In fact for the younger generations there will be many roles that one day you will apply for that don’t exist today!

You may be asking yourself ‘Which career is best for me?’ So, here we aim to give you an idea of the roles that exist within each sector and the skills and qualifications (if any) that are needed.

If you are unsure on which is the path for you – consider what your strengths are and what you enjoy doing and go from there. Perhaps a career coach could help or try to speak to people in the roles you are exploring.

We are still working on this feature and will be updating our sectors regularly!

Customer Service

Health + Social Care



Public Sector

Technology / IT

Marketing + Comms

Admin + Secretarial

Finance + Accounting

Human resources

Charity + NFP

Career Coaches

Check out our career coaches. All of them eager to guide you on your path.

Online courses

We have a vast range of courses that can either give you a taste for the career or role you’re exploring or provide a qualification.

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