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what is customer service all about?

Customer Service roles are the most widespread and sought after job roles out there. Most sectors have customer facing roles and the people in these roles are usually the first person customers interact with. This makes them an invaluable asset to their employers as first impressions are everything.

Deliver poor customer service and most customers will automatically go no further in regards to products or services. The main purpose of anyone in a customer service role is to provide a friendly, welcoming and helpful environment to customers. They also must be able to provide the customer with information they require or put them in contact with someone who does have said information.

Types of roles

entry level roles

The roles in this list often don’t require qualifications or ask for a minimum of GCSE’s or equivalent.

These roles are great for those who wish to earn whilst studying or are looking to start a career in customer service.

Skills in customer service are highly transferable and valuable for many roles.

Salary Expectation £17k +

Customer Service Operations Manager
Crew Member
Customer Service Advisor
Customer Service Apprentice
Customer Service Representative
Retail Assistant
Sales Assistant

mid level roles

These roles will often at the very least require experience in a customer service or customer facing role. Experience in the industry you are applying for is advantageous.

Salary Expectation £20k+

Accounts Manager
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Service Team Leader
Department Manager
Product Specialist
Section Manager,
Selling Coach
Team Manager

senior roles

Roles in this list will nearly always vast experience in a more junior customer service role within the industry you are applying for. For senior positions it is nearly always expected that you will have leadership skills.

Salary Expectation £32k+

Accounts Manager
Area Manager
Customer Service Team Manager
Customer Service Operations Manager
Head of Customer Experience
Senior Customer Complaints Officer
Senior Customer Service Executive
Senior Customer Service Representative Branch Manager
Senior Customer Support Engineer
Store Manager

skills required

Ability to work well in a team, organisation skills, communication skills, friendly and welcoming attitude.  

Transferable Skills: Communication skills, organisation skills, team working skills, product and service knowledge, usage of different IT systems, administration, stakeholder management, leading and management skills, prioritising tasks, working in a fast paced environment, ability to handle pressurised situations.

Experience Required

Entry level roles require little to no experience, mid and senior positions often require a certain level of experience in customer facing roles or similar that provide the skills necessary for the added responsibility.

Often mid and senior level positions can be achieved through starting at entry level and working your way up the ladder of the company through courses, secondments, management schemes and other career progression opportunities.

Potential To Work from Home / Flexibility

In the past, the ability to work from home in a customer service role has been limited and depends on the sector and type of customer service being offered. However the COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on this, especially within the retail and hospitality sectors. The pandemic has forced many industries to adapt their practices to working from home, customer service included.

It is hard to say at this point in time how much potential to work from home customer service roles have. Though there is an argument to be made that there has never been more scope for this than there is right now.


Working in customer services will suit you if you are welcoming, friendly, helpful, approachable, confident, sociable and an all round people person.

With more opportunities to work from home appearing, these roles may also appeal to those who may not flourish in an office setting but can be sociable and confident in the comfort of their own home.

The ability to work from home also aids those with visible and non visible disabilities. 

All the employers who advertise roles with The Find Your Flex Group are understanding of the reasons why people need flexible working so don’t be afraid to speak up. Working from home isn’t for everybody but sometime all we need is a little flex around start and finish times or an understanding of other commitments.

opportunities in customer services
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