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In September 2020 we started collecting anonymous, voluntary data about the jobseekers who seek flexible working. Responses: 20k (March 21)


Graph showing the percentage of males and females using our jobs board.
When we started out back in 2018 around 3/4 of our audience was female. Fast forward to 2021 and the gap has narrowed. So far in 2021 42% of our audience are male and 58% are female. Closing the gender pay gap could be achieved when men are invested in flexible working too. (Data: Google Analytics)


graph representing the ages of the find your flex audience
Throughout our flexible working campaigns, the largest section of our audience fell between the ages of 25 - 54. In the first half of 2020 the number of 18 - 24 year olds using our site tripled. So far in 2021 this age group now represent around a 1/5th of our audience. (Data: Google Analytics)


pie chart showing Percentage of the find your flex audience who are BAME or White. Roughly 30pc BAME and 70pc White
Since we started collecting data in September 2020 just under 1 in 3 of our audience say they are of a BAME group. These figures have remained the same since we started collected data.


graph showing % The Find Your Flex Audience With _ Without Childcare Responsibilities
Long believed to be an issue isolated to mothers, our data shows that flexible working is sought after by many more people. We asked the age of our audiences youngest child. Just over 60% have little to no childcare responsibilities. Arguably, those with children in our next largest category (12 - 16 year olds) have fewer child care responsibilities than those with younger children. This shows us that flexibility in employment is not just an issue for parents. It is more widespread and holds huge benefits for employers and employees on many levels.


1 in 10 people
We ask our audience if they have a disability (visible or invisible). Each month around 1 in 10 report having a disability. True flexible working opens the doors to employment to anyone with a disability. Accessing the workplace can be a major issue for various reasons. Just by offering flexibility around work place and working times can allow this group of people access to the careers they deserve.


Graph showing The Find Your Flex Group's audiences sexual preference.
The breakdown remains similar month on month. Around 80% of the audience state they are heterosexual and around 1 in 7 report they are LBGTQ+ .


Pie Chart showing Education Level Of The Find Your Flex Group Audience
The proportion of our audience educated above A-Level has remained high since we started collecting this data in September 2020. In fact those educated to degree level and above remain the largest section of our audience at around 60 pc.
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