9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Join A MLMs

The Perils of Working Under A (MLMS) Multi Level Marketing Scheme.

  • You are statistically more likely to lose money when working under a MLMS, not make it. The numbers I have looked at say that 90% plus.
  • In fact, you are slightly better off being a professional gambler: Read More.
  • Because they want you to sell more, to disguise the fact that you are more than likely making nothing for yourself, there is often a pseudo self-help /motivation quality to the companies to keep you involved. Very often they conveniently counsel you to ignore ‘negative people’ or ‘haters’, just in case anybody close to you has any awkward questions, like ‘Are you making any money?’ Leave these companies and compare it to leaving a cult. Read More
  • You don’t have control over setting prices or sometimes even over which products you are sent to sell. Usborne books sellers have to stick to a price to make a profit, even though you can get them cheaper online. Read More.
  • Working under a MLMS your market will become very saturated, very fast. You only know a limited number of people willing to buy from you. It’s probable that you’re going to bore and alienate your friends and family trying to sell them stuff they don’t want or need. Probably running out of buyers pretty quickly.
  • To make any money at all, you have to work hard. REALLY hard and spend a lot of money upfront to do so. Especially if you have to re-stock (which seems to be a lot, for the companies I looked at). Or pay the company back for their starter kit. The fantasy that you can ‘work when YOU want’ is going to wear pretty thin when you have to get to unrealistic targets every month, just to have a chance to break even.
  • If you do succeed, the only way you can do this is by recruiting other people into the company, to take a cut of what they’re ordering. So you’re making money on the back of other people’s hard work.
  • The fact that they have no selection process at all should tell you something: they don’t care who signs up. Just as long as they can make money from your sales.
  • Donald Trump used to own an MLMs: – ’nuff said. Read More

Author: Kizzy Hamilton, Marketing Team at The Find Your Flex Group.

Read More about the pitfalls of MLMs over on MummyJobs.co.uk: Why At The FindYourFlex Group We Don’t Support MLM’s.

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