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Job Of The Week

Product Designer

Lorien are looking for someone to support and lead the UX+UI design of two products with very different requirements and also support the website.

You will be an experienced product designer who is adaptable, as you will be working for a start-up that will have constantly changing requirements. You must be happy to get your hands dirty with a can-do attitude and the skills necessary to get the jobs done.

Salary: £37,000 per annum

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Fantastic Employers All Year Round

Fantastic Employers All Year Round

Why Find Your Flex?

We believe that flexible working is a right. For All.

We want our site to be a resource for all who seek flexible working. For the many whose life doesn’t fit into the nine to five. Those who are navigating career breaks, career changes, mental and physical health challenges, caring responsibilities, childcare, desires to travel or simply live their best life.

Through our events, online courses and career portal, our aim is to get as many people as possible back into careers they love or to find the flex they seek.

The world is changing and no longer do we find inflexibility acceptable. It may still be a challenge to find true flex but we are changing that.

Check out our blog and resource pages for some top tips and useful info on finding your flex.

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Our Community

Whether you want to find like minded people for support, access all our latest research, guidance and courses to help you secure your flex requests. Or maybe you just want to search for the latest flexible jobs across the UK.

Access our 4 social channels, 3 community sites and 1 all inclusive jobs board and find your flex today.

Career Coaching

Need a little guidance on getting your career back on track or wanting to pursue a new career and need some direction. We have some skilled career coaches right here.

Returner Programmes

You've had a career break and want to return to a career you love. We have a dedicated page for programmes that could help you return with support. Flexible working at it's best.


Long underrated, apprenticeships are an excellent way to start a career. They're not just for the younger generation either. Check out our fab range of apprenticeships right here.

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